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Wedding FAQs

Here are some of my most frequently asked questions.

  • How soon should we book?
    Having a Licensed Wedding Officiant makes your ceremony legal. I recommend that you book your Officiant as soon as you have your date decided and venue booked.
  • What are your fees?
    My fee is $450.00. This covers Consultations, Wedding Ceremony and Mailing away completed Marriage License. Rehearsals are not always necessary but if you would like one, the rehearsal fee is $75.00. A portion of the fee as a retainer is requested at time of booking. If you are interested in more of an "elopement" type ceremony, I can do that also. I can even provide two witnesses if you want to keep it REALLY intimate! Message me for pricing.
  • Short or long ceremony?
    The average length is approximately 20 minutes. Every ceremony is unique and personalized which makes times vary depending on what you choose to include.
  • What’s the scoop with vows?
    You can write your own and read them or you can opt for ‘repeat after me’ vows. Either way, I’m happy to guide you and help craft meaningful vows.
  • Photos during the ceremony?
    I have no problems whatsoever with professional photographers or guests taking photos during the ceremony. You can also opt for an ‘unplugged’ ceremony where I kindly ask your guests before the ceremony, to please turn off their devices and enjoy being present in the moment with you. Often, the couple will gladly share professional photos with their guests later.
  • What do you wear?
    I dress in professional business attire. I will often ask you if there’s a colour or design that you don’t want me to wear. I strive to consider all traditions, cultures and ethnicities and would never want to offend anyone by wearing the wrong thing. I’ve been asked everything from “We don’t have a preference,” to “please dress like a rainbow!”
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